Safe T Punch saves lives

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Safe-T-Punch™ is a highly sophisticated patented device that has only one purpose – to break readily breakable safety glass in a scientifically proven reliable manner.

This performance tested device offers unsurpassed ability to any person in need of escape through an Emergency Window. Safe-T-Punch™ can be retrofitted to any compliant designated emergency window.

This cutting edge low tech safety technology is required for fitment to emergency windows as found in:-
Buses, Taxies, Trains, Shipping vessels, River boats, Buildings, Mobile homes, Armored vehicles, Limousines, Cars, Trucks, Construction equipment, Yellow metal, Plant and machinery, Police cruisers, Ambulances, Emergency response vehicles and any environment where instant emergency egress may be of life saving importance.

Emergency exits made easy

The current regulation; -
UN ECE R107 - Uniform provisions concerning the approval of category M2 or M3 vehicles with regard to their general construction:– Technical requirements for emergency windows.

“ Be made of readily-breakable safety glass. This latter provision precludes the possibility of using panes of laminated glass or of plastic material. A device shall be provided adjacent to each emergency window, readily available to persons inside the vehicle, to ensure that each window can be broken.”

The simple solution; -
All readily-breakable safety glass emergency windows are required to be a specified size, glass type (UN ECE R43 toughened glass) and be suitably located. These readily-breakable window panes are weather proof and permanently fitted in the chassis window openings. It is therefore, a logical choice to satisfy the above technical requirements by allowing for new and existing conforming windows to be equipped with a Safe-T-Punch™ glass breaking device.

The UK Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) accepts the Safe-T-Punch™ device as fit for purpose and it conforms to the UN ECE R107 technical requirements for emergency windows and emergency hatches. Independent UCAS accredited performance tests confirm the efficacy of Safe-T-Punch™ to break readily-breakable safety glass.

The internationally tested Safe-T-Punch™ device and its homologated accompanying operating instructions are easily and permanently attached in its place of operation on the emergency window glass itself. Each Safe-T-Punch™ device is equipped with a removable security tag that prevents unintended activation.

Safe-T-Punch™ technology is suitable for single and double glazing readily-breakable emergency window applications. It is capable of breaking readily-breakable safety glass of all varying thicknesses as required by the regulations. Safe-T-Punch™ works under water.

Using Safe-T-Punch™ is the easiest and most economical way to produce robust low maintenance fully compliant emergency windows that can be instantly operated by any person in an emergency.

Safe-T-Punch- Save Lives

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